Values Shaping Ministries

Hope Global Network - Hands“The Challenge is to build a local church culture wrapped around the things important to God.Then the culture will carry and transmit the values that we teach.The question is, ‘How do you build that kind of culture?’

The answer is in found in what we call Values Shaping Ministries.”

Harold Bullock, Founding & Senior Pastor, Hope Church

What is a Values Shaping Ministry?

Most Bible-believing ministries want to evangelize non-believers and also help Christians grow spiritually. However, the manner in which the ministry is carried out tends to block spiritual growth, even though the Bible is taught.

Values Shaping Ministries (VSMs) operate in such a manner that they reinforce the teachings of the Bible. Lives change because of the manner in which church life is carried out.People live based on their “value structure” (priorities), and today the media has powerful influence in shaping the values of both kids and adults. Church life tends to have minimal impact in changing the hearts of church members to fit with the Kingdom values.Values Shaping Ministries are able to more effectively change hearts and lives. VSMs teach about Christian values, but they also create experiences in which members begin to adopt the values. VSM leaders also think through church life to make sure that the manner in which worship, teaching or ministry is done will reinforce Biblical values.

Why do we need Values Shaping Ministries?

It is possible for a ministry to teach Biblical truths, but undercut those truths by the way ministry leaders act or by the way the organization operates and treats people. A VSM not only teach Biblical truths, it operates in such a way that those truths are honored and reinforced.

How is a Values Shaping Ministries approach different from an Educational Model?

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Most churches and ministries are built on an “educational model.” Members sit in sermons and classes and learn Biblical ideas. In theory, if they learn the ideas their lives will automatically change. In reality, people tend to collect many ideas and life changes only somewhat.

For values to change, information plus experiences is required. Therefore, VSMs not only teach Biblical truth but they go further and involve members in relationships and ministry experiences. As members see the Christian example of more mature believers in action, they begin to re-evaluate their own lives and values.