HGN Tomorrow

What are the future plans for HGN?

Since proving that strong Values Shaping Ministries can be started, can be developed, can grow and purchase property outside the “South,” and now having a good understanding of the problems that prevent long term effectiveness in ministries, it is necessary to help:

  • Train people how to plant and develop strong churches.
  • Develop new “pipelines” of dedicated leaders wanting to do church planting.  (In recent years, interest in starting new churches has been declining in the US.)
  • Start sharing what’s been learned with 1000s of pastors and ministry leaders, world wide.
  • Translate Harold Bullock’s materials and the Values Shaping Ministry Model for missions work.  (The same basic principles of Kingdom Culture and Values in ministry apply overseas as well.)

Some initiatives HGN is working on:

  • The development of a training system to
    • Train and develop more leaders at a faster pace.
    • Start more Values Shaping Ministries (both nationally and globally).
  • Develop a strategy for rewiring education and media in the US.
  • Raising funds for the start of new VSMs (Churches, Student Ministries, etc.).
  • Establishment of K-12 schools and university focused on leadership development.
  • Establishment of Graduate School of Leadership.

How can I be involved with HGN?

  • Pray for HGN, it’s current and future initiatives and the ministries connected to it.
  • Attend the next HGN conference or event.
  • Give to financially support the efforts of HGN.

Donations can be made payable to:

Hope Global Network
1750 Beach Street
Fort Worth, TX 76103