Harold Bullock’s Story

Every movement needs a beginning, and for the Hope Global Network that beginning centers around the ministry of Harold Bullock, church starter and Senior Pastor of Hope Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

Harold started Hope Church in 1978 with three main goals:

  1. Evangelize the un-churched and provide a church experience that made sense to them.
  2. Train leaders to have a solid biblical foundation to their ministry, and be able to structure ministries that made sense to un-churched people.
  3. Send out leaders across America and the world to start other churches that could reproduce leaders and send them out as well.

Since 1978, over 65 churches have been started through Harold’s ministry and many other leaders have been sent out from Hope Church to aid existing ministries.

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Stories of HGN Impact

“Over the twenty-five years that I have been the Director Of Mission for the Orange County Baptist Association I have had the privilege of working with several “alums” from Hope Church. Every one has exhibited the greatest Christian character and possessed excellent leadership skills. They are men of vision and conviction. Many have become leaders in our Association. Some have worked on staff with us and with our ministry teams. They are committed to teach and preach the word of God and have lived what they have preached, not only in the ministry, but in their families.”

Doyle Braden, Director of Mission – Orange County Baptist Association


“Over the years, I have worked with several leaders from Hope who have made a profound contribution. They were consistently spiritually-minded with a biblical worldview. Their personal disciplines were exemplary and provided a strong foundation for public leadership. They were team players, who worked under authority yet continually stretched to find innovative ways to improve organizational performance. The Hope Global Network will continue to produce these kinds of leaders.”

Dr. Jeff Iorg, President, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary


“I want our next church plant in Winnipeg to be a Hope Church. Because of what I’ve personally seen and experienced in the lives of leaders trained at Hope, I know first hand the heart, character and values of Hope. I have seen the type of leaders Hope develops and through their lives, I’ve also seen the incredible benefit for relationships when the Heart Attitudes are lived out. In addition to wanting our next church plant to be a Hope Church, I want to see many more Hope churches started throughout Canada.”

Dwight Huffman, National Team Leader for Church Starting, Canadian National Baptist Convention


“When you meet a leader who has been invested in by Hope you find a different kind of heart. It is an unselfish heart. You also find a humility that is uncommon. You find a leader that is ready to sacrifice and serve to fulfill the Kingdom vision God has placed inside of them. This is why more and more people within my circle of influence are wanting to learn more about Hope, its resources, training, and its leadership.”

Gary Smith, North American Mission Board National Missionary – Canada


“For over 20 years I have had the privilege of not only knowing and learning from Harold Bullock in various settings, I have watched the lives and ministries of many of the leaders who have come out of Hope and the Hope Global Network. Harold is not only a wise leader who has modeled what he is teaching, but the leaders who have gone out from Hope are demonstrating high character, a deep walk with God, effectiveness in ministry, and have done so with a cooperative spirit by giving of themselves to others and to various institutions. From coast to coast I know Hope guys who are impacting their region out of an overflow of their walk with God and practically living out the wisdom Harold has shared with them. In absolutely the best ways, the Hope people are known to be a peculiar people.”

Dr. Will McRaney – Director, Evangelism Strategy Department, Florida Baptist Convention