What is Hope Global Network?

In the late 1970s, Harold Bullock began a church in Fort Worth, Texas with the intent to both evangelize un-churched people and grow Christians in character and vision. Hope Church developed as a training center for church leaders, scores of whom have planted in the US and other countries.

The Hope Global Network formed because some of the pastors, trained at Hope, desired to network as they further developed their ministries. Hope Global Network now offers a variety of conferences, training opportunities and materials for churches interested in developing Christian character in the context of congregational evangelism.


We believe that when pastors and ministry leaders have a community base within which to minister, their ministries grow stronger and healthier and their ability to do the ministry God has laid before them becomes much more effective. The Hope Global Network is a group of churches and ministries that share a similar vision and set of values by which we seek to advance the kingdom of Christ in the world.

For more information, please contact Hope Global Network.